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Lisa Schram - Class Information

I earned a BS from Appalachian State in Special Education and have been teaching for over 30 years.
2nd Quarter Schedule
8:00-10:00 English Language Arts
10:00-11:30 Math
11:30-12:12 PE
12:12-12:42 Lunch
12:42-1:30 Art
1:30-3:00 Science/Social Studies
Class Expectations
Be Prompt
Be Prepared
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Yourself
Grading Policy

Major Grades 40% of grade

Minor Grades 35% of grade

Classwork/Homework 25% of grade

Major Works: tests, projects, presentations, papers, performances, and other teacher defined assignments that encompass a considerable amount of work.

Minor Works: quizzes, group and teacher-led activities, notebooks, cooperative activities, projects, group that requires more work than classwork but less encompassing than a major work.  

*Grades will be posted and available online using the Powerschool gradebook system. IF you need help signing up for powerschool contact the office.  

A = 90% – 100%

B = 80% – 89%

C = 70% – 79%

D = 60% – 69%

F =59% or below