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Ms. Johnson

Ms. Johnson's ELA class
Professional Background
B.S. in Elementary Education-Appalachian State University
Contact Information
Phone Number: 336-357-2310
Contact Hours: 1:30-3:05; Monday through Friday

Pirates Schedule

8:00-8:05 Homeroom

8:07-8:37 Spartan Time

8:39-9:41 1st Period

9:43-10:43 2nd Period

10:45-12:24 3rd Period

12:26-1:28 4th Period

Classroom Expectations

Respect~Each student that enters our classroom is expected to maintain respect with ALL individuals in the room.  Respect means that you are saying appropriate things, raising your hand to speak when expected, not interrupting others, cleaning up after yourself, keeping your hands/feet/and all other objects to yourself, completing assignments on time, following classroom and CDMS rules, and demonstrating good character of  SPARTANS.  

We do not tolerate the behaviors of picking on others/harassing others.  In an instance where respect is not maintained, you will need to stop the behavior or you will be asked to leave (sent to TIME OUT or referred to administration).

Major Works-50%
Minor Works-30%
A  100 - 90
B    89 - 80
C    79 - 70
D    69 - 60
F    59 and below
Major Works will represent tests as well as individual or group projects.  These will demonstrate how well the skill(s) have been mastered.  
Minor works like quizzes will be given based on the progression of the content.  Also a reflection of daily and/or weekly assignments, participation, and using class time wisely.
Homework will include assignments that are required to be done outside of the classroom.
Important Dates
Please follow the link to see the school calendar. 
Please note, important dates will also be shared via the Remind app.