Driver's Ed

Registration for the Sept. 28 class has closed.

We have been given the go ahead to resume Behind the Wheel training.  If you have completed the classroom portion of Drivers Ed, you will receive a call in the near future to schedule a time to drive.  If you failed the vision screening and have not completed the required documentation, you will not be called until you have turned in the required forms you were given in class to Mr. Collins.


Important Notes:  

Masks or face coverings are required at all times in the Driver Ed. car.
Cars are disinfected after every driving session.
Questionnaires will need to be completed prior to beginning
Temperatures will be taken daily prior to driving.
Your driving instructor will provide additional information related to requirements and precautions.


Please see Classroom Dates and Eligibility link for future classroom information.

If you have questions, please contact Greg Collins, Driver Education Lead Instructor.