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           Thank you for stopping by! My name is Mrs. Flowers and as a school counselor, I am committed to delivering services that align with the school's mission and individual student goals. I place great emphasis on cultivating a positive school environment for students, educators, and administrators, where safety and academic excellence serve as guiding principles.

           I am a data-driven professional who is approachable, personable, and possesses a growth mindset. I have professional experience working with individuals of all ages; therefore, I have a strong understanding of students' developmental abilities and needs, enabling me to serve as an advocate for students. I firmly believe that every student can succeed, and every student must have access to education.

           My counseling theory incorporates a combination of client-centered and solution-focused brief counseling approaches.

The client-centered approach is growth-oriented and holds a positive view of people, believing that individuals have full control over their lives.

Solution-focused theory is based on the principle that clients' problems are not continuous, meaning that there are exceptional times when problems did not occur. Furthermore, empowering students to reflect on their own behaviors when something has worked teaches them that they are capable of changing their current situation.

If you would like to refer a student for counseling, you may fill out a paper request form available at the front office OR click on the link below.
Contact information:
336-357-2310 #7337
Monday - Friday
7:45 - 3:15
For questions or concerns regarding backpack program, social emotional learning, homebound accommodations and students with last names A - K, please reach out to Mrs. Brown.
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