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Hannah Thornton

I am from Davidson County and attended Central Davidson, so I am happy yo be back. I graduated from Appalachian State University in December 2022 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Special Education General Curriculum. This is my first year teaching, however I am excited to learn and grow with each of you this school year.  
10:13-11:52 Monday-Friday
8:00-8:05 Homeroom
8:07-9:09 71
9:11-10:13 72
10:13-11:52 Planning
11:52:1:29 75
1:31-2:33 76
2:35-3:05 Spartan Time
-Come to class prepared and ready to learn
-Be on time 
-Be respectful of school rules and of everyone in the classroom
-Do your best!
-Turn in work on time
Major 50%
Minor 30%
Homework 20%