English Language Arts: How can I help you?

What Are We Learning for the Third Quarter? 
Your child's academic progress is in PowerSchool. Call CDMS's office if you don't have your code. This is highly recommended!
1. Genre:  Non - Fiction : autobiography (Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X), biography (Eleanor Roosevelt) informative essays (Rude vs Mean vs Bullying, Primal Instincts, When School Was Scary plus more) and narrative non-fiction (Dirk the Protector and An American Childhood).
2. Literacy Skills : cause and effect relationships, fact vs opinion, fluid structure of essay development, non-fiction text features, creating an informative pamphlet using text features and new stations based on Inequalities (See thematic units). 
3. Thematic Unit : These are text sets using different genres connected to the theme of Inequalities: Black Americans under Jim Crow Laws (racism), Jewish Life under the Nazi Regime (religious discrimination) and maybe we can get to Feminine Life under Afghan Terrorism (sexism) before the end of the quarter. 
4. Interdisciplinary:  Social Studies as stated above in themes. 
Can You Help Me?
Our classroom library is quite expansive as I like all students to be surrounded by literature.  Every genre is available to students.  Yet, during the course of a year, novels get checked out or they simply walk out and don't come home when called.  IF you have a spare copy of any of the following or can access one, may I have it for the children to read?  Thank you so very much in advance.
Author                          Title
Scott, Michael               The Alchemist, The Magician,  The Necromancer, The Warlock 
Pelzer,                          A Brother's Journey
We are running low on paper towels and tissues. 
Due to having a sink in our classroom, kids are washing their hands regularly (Thank goodness!) or cleaning up spills because they are kids!  Also, I disinfect the desks EVERY WEEK because, and I repeat, they are kids! 
With allergy season closing in ... this will increase so if you have an extra roll after going to the store, send it with you child!  The students used up 3 boxes of tissues in one week and we haven't even gotten to Spring yet. 
General Due Dates (and they are subject to change if I see the need). 
* NO VOCAB THIS WEEK!    Every Friday is a vocabulary quiz (minor) if it is a regular week.
* Classwork grades are done in class and are usually worksheets. 
* NEXT SSR DEADLINE:  750 pages due by March 21.  
* Current station : Racism : We are beginning this station on Monday, Feb. 26.  It is in Google Classroom. Potential due date is Sunday night 3/3/24 at 11:59 pm.  This is subject to change on Thursday if the majority of students are not close to being done on Friday. 
Daily Schedule 
7:45 - 8:05 Homeroom
8:05 - 9:09 First Period
9:13 - 10:13 Second
10:15 - 11:50 Planning
11:52 -  1:27 Fifth/lunch
1:29 - 2:33 Sixth
2:35 - 3:05 Interventions
Grading Scale
Major test/project 50%
Minor 30%
Classwork 20%
**Please contact CDMS's office for a code to PowerSchool so you can access all grades on-line.
Educational Background
Bachelor in History
Teacher's License,
Master in Leadership, 
* Duke University
Academically & Intellectually Gifted License,