Chauncey Bailey » Chauncey Bailey 8th Grade ELA

Chauncey Bailey 8th Grade ELA

Chauncey Bailey
Ferris State University
Bachelors of Science: English Education 6-12
Contact Information:
Room #203 Ext. 7333
Contact Hours: 8:10-9:42
Homeroom:   7:45-  8:05
Planning:       8:05-  9:42
3rd Period     9:45-  10:47
4th Period     10:49-11:51
5th Period     11:53-1:29
6th Period     1:31-  2:33
Spartan Time 2:35- 3:05
Classroom Rules &  Grading Procedures:
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
  • Remain in your assigned seat until given permission to get up.
  • If you need to use the restroom, raise your hand and point to the bathroom sign in/out sheet located next to the door.
  • When leaving the room for any reason which includes but is not limited to bathroom use, water fountain use, nurses office visit, locker use, baboon attack, or zombie apocalypse you need to use the sign in/out sheet. If you repeatedly “forget” to use the sheet, hallway pass privileges will be revoked.
  • Do not under any circumstances touch anything on, behind, underneath, in, around, or adjacent to my desk. I’m not going to mess with stuff on your desk so don’t touch mine.
  • Do not throw anything on the floor which includes but is not limited to trash, candy, pencils, paper, coins, paper clips, staples, used diapers, or water balloons filled with grandma’s bath water. If you are caught throwing things I will require that you sweep the entire room. If you 
    • refuse I will give you a silent lunch and if your refuse to serve that silent lunch a parent phone call will follow.
  • Do not draw on the desks. You have paper and you have skin so draw on that if you must. If you are caught drawing on the desks you will be required to clean all the desks. If you refuse see the above consequences for refusal
    • An assignment will be considered late if it is not submitted on the due date by 3:15. You may submit and assignment via email
    • by 11:59 for no penalty. Each day an assignment is late it will receive a deduction from the overall grade. The size of the
    • deduction will be dependent on the length and difficulty of the assignment.
  • All assignments need to be submitted by placing it in the black tray. Each slot is labeled for each class so make sure you are using the correct slot.
  • Do not cross the taped off area near my desk. That’s my space go get your own.