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About Me

About Me: Welcome! My name is Layne Rainey and this is my thirteenth year teaching. This will be my ninth year teaching at Central Middle. I graduated from Elon University in 2003 with a bachelor of science in Biology and Psychology. I obtained my teaching degree in 2016. I will be teaching Math 8 and Math 1 this year. I am also the girls basketball coach.
Contact: The best way to contact me is through email at [email protected] throughout the day. If you need to speak to me on the phone my planning is from 8:05-9:42 or I can be reached after school. 
Daily Schedule
Homeroom: 7:45-8:05
Encore: 8:08-9:42
Math 1 (83): 9:45-10:47
Math 1 (84): 10:49-11:51
Math 8 (85): 11:53-1:29 (lunch)
Math 8 (86): 1:31-2:33
Spartan Time: 2:35-3:05
Classroom Expectations:
-All students should arrive on time to class everyday
-All students should be prepared everyday (have pencil, notebook, and any homework ready to be graded)
-All students should respect everyone in the classroom at all times
-All students should be ready to start strong and finish strong everyday 

Major Assessments (Test and Notebook Check)-50%

Minor Assignments (Quizzes)-30%

Classwork/Homework (homework, classwork)-20%
*Late Work Policy: If a student is absent they have five school days to make up any missing assignments. If a student doesn't turn in their assignment and are present at school they will receive 10 points off of the grade for everyday it is late. I will put a zero into PowerSchool as a placeholder until the assignment is turned in.